Transfers of Equity

Adding or removing someone from your property's deeds

Our experienced team are on hand to guide you through all aspects of transfers of equity.

How we can help

Transfers of equity often occur for a variety of reasons, such as relationship changes, financial restructuring, or estate planning. Simply put, it's the process of adding or removing someone's name from the property's title deeds. At Freers Askew Bunting, we've got the expertise to guide you through this important legal procedure smoothly and efficiently.

Whether it's a separation, marriage, or any other life event triggering the need for a change in property ownership, each case comes with its own set of rules and tax implications. Our experienced team is here to break down the complexities, helping you understand your options, rights, and responsibilities. We ensure that all legal requirements are met, from liaising with mortgage lenders to submitting the correct documents to the Land Registry.

Our approach is to make what might seem like a daunting process as straightforward as possible. We offer clear advice tailored to your unique circumstances, ensuring that your transfer of equity aligns with your financial and personal goals. Trust us to be your reliable guide, committed to ensuring your transaction is completed efficiently and correctly.

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Clare, head of our residential conveyancing team, has worked in conveyancing on Teesside for over 30 years.

Clare Nicholl

Head of Residential Conveyancing