Loan agreements and private mortgages

Protecting your future

We work with you to ensure any agreements are clear and legally sound. 

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Navigating the world of loan agreements and private mortgages can be daunting. These are crucial decisions, often shaping our financial futures. At Freers Askew Bunting, we believe in demystifying these choices for you. This means that you can protect your future and ensure the decisions you make are backed by expert advice.

A loan agreement is essentially a promise: someone agrees to lend money, and someone agrees to pay it back. It sounds simple, but ensuring it's legally watertight is crucial. Similarly, private mortgages allow individuals to lend for property purchases without going through traditional banks. This can be a more flexible approach, but it's vital to have everything in order.

What does this mean for you? It's essential to ensure every 'T' is crossed, every 'I' dotted, and any potential future disputes are addressed before they occur. Whether you're drafting a loan for a friend, setting up a private mortgage, or on the receiving end: clarity is key.

We're dedicated to providing clear advice and creating strong, straightforward agreements. Our approach ensures you can move forward confidently, knowing that both your interests and those of the other party are protected. Trust us to guide you through, ensuring every step is transparent and legally sound.

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Clare, head of our residential conveyancing team, has worked in conveyancing on Teesside for over 30 years.

Clare Nicholl

Head of Residential Conveyancing