Gift of property

Transferring property to another person

Gifting a home can be useful in future planning and a way of supporting loved ones during your life.

How we can help

Gifting a property is a big decision. More than just a heartfelt gesture, it's a significant legal step that means giving away ownership of your property without getting money in return. Whether it's a thought of passing your home to a family member, moving a property into a trust, or any other reason, the path can seem deceptively simple. But in truth, several legal elements come into play. There's more to consider than just handing over keys; tax implications and long-term plans are vital aspects to think about.

At Freers Askew Bunting, we're not just here to guide you; we're here to ensure your decision stands firm in the eyes of the law. You might have questions about stamp duty or inheritance tax, and rightly so. These are areas where many can be caught out. We'll be right beside you, making sure you're well-informed. Our team ensures that all transitions, including registering the property transfer with the Land Registry, are done right, eliminating room for error.

Drawing from our knowledge and strong ties in the local area, we're committed to turning this significant step into a seamless journey. Our focus remains on safeguarding your wishes and ensuring your loved ones benefit as you intended.

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Clare, head of our residential conveyancing team, has worked in conveyancing on Teesside for over 30 years.

Clare Nicholl

Head of Residential Conveyancing